Our Mission

The LIGHT Center serves as the community mission center connecting individuals to the resources they need during their time of distress and urgent need of assistance. We strive to Restore HOPE to individuals through physical, spiritual and educational intervention. We do assist individuals with emergency needs that are approved after an extensive application process. Our volunteer staff is dedicated to serving the community by helping people who have emergency needs and are looking for ways to improve their current situation(s).

Support the LIGHT Center

The LIGHT Center is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization that fully depends on donations for all of its operations. All financial donations are tax deductible and are used to only assist Anderson County residents. The staff at the center is 100% volunteer meaning all funds are distributed to assist community members with emergency needs.

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Pack Family Project

Caleb Pack the eight year old son of Rick and Robin Pack has suffered some very extreme medical difficulties. The current need they have is driveway repair so they can safely transport Caleb to and from regular/emergency medical appointments. The current driveway situation has extreme ruts that makes it very difficult to travel especially with a medical fragile child.

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Rankin Family Project

The Rankin Project is a complete home renovation project that has been taken on by the LIGHT Center and Dynamic Restoration of Anderson County, Kentucky. The overall goal is to pull the community together to assist in a large remodel project to help a family in need of a home in livable condition. This project needs financial support along with professional volunteers like plumbers, electricians and construction workers.

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LIGHT Center Helping People in Need While Protecting Environment

LIGHT Center of Lawrenceburg is continuing to make differences in the lives of people in the community while protecting the community and its environment.

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